About Us

Welcome to Mess to Less: Get Organized!


HI! My name is Tonya Mason, and I am the owner of, Mess to Less: Get Organized! I am originally from a small town located in southwestern Nebraska, and like most Nebraskans, I grew up on a farm. Growing up on a farm instilled a strong work ethic in which I am very grateful for. My parents taught us how to work hard and that work came before play, unless it was Sunday.

Growing up, I was always particular about my room. It had to be organized and everything in its place before leaving for school. One of my favorite things growing up was helping my mom rearrange the furniture in our home, which we did frequently (yes, I got my weird OCD genes from her).

During my college years in Bartlesville, OK, I was known as a neat freak. My friends would purposely rearrange my apartment, walk on the vacuumed carpet to drive me crazy, and move little things just to see if I noticed. That is when my sister encouraged me to start my own cleaning business, so I started a cleaning business while going to college and raising our two beautiful daughters.

After 12 years of cleaning I decided to focus on my career. I began working at a shelter for kids in DHS custody as a Social Worker/Child Welfare Specialist/Director of Volunteers, and loved it! After 10 years working with kids, the shelter closed its doors. The next two years of my life I felt lost, but I was able to overcome obstacles (and COVID) and got to know myself better during a very trying time. That is when I decided to stop talking about starting my own business and just do it.

I started organizing friend’s homes for free while getting my business going. I signed up for classes and joined an organizing group. With the help and encouragement of friends and family I was able to start an organizing and event set up/clean up business. So that is a little bit about how the business, Mess to Less: Get Organized, got started.


What does Mess to Less do:


Mess to Less: Get Organized is an organizing company that specializes in increasing quality of life, stress reduction and enhanced empowerment by decluttering and organizing homes and businesses to create a more functional environment. Mess to Less: Get Organized offers both residential and business organizing services along with event set-up and clean up. Our organizing services are tailored to create a less chaotic space with the goal to create systems that an individual/family and business can maintain after the job is done.

Mess to Less: Get Organized is a dedicated small, hands on organizing business located near Tulsa, OK. We organize and declutter homes and businesses for Tulsa and surrounding areas including Jenks, Bixby, Skiatook, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Glenpool, and Bartlesville. We work with families, individuals, seniors, realtors, and businesses on creating a more functional and clutter free space. We teach our clients how to maintain an organized space after we have left.

Mess to Less offers event set-up and cleanup services. Our services are available for those planning seminars, private parties, weddings, birthday parties, family get togethers, and outdoor events. Mess to Less: Get Organized will take the worry and stress out of your planning by taking care of setting up for the event so you can focus on making your event a success. If you are having an outdoor party we can get ready for your guests by setting up tables and chairs, rearranging furniture, and setting out decorations. When the event is over we will breakdown tables and chairs, clean the area, gather trash, and restore the area back to its original condition. We will walk through the area with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Mess to Less offers cleaning and decluttering services for those putting their home on the market or just wanting to spruce things up. Removing clutter and organizing spaces will give your home a larger, more appealing look to buyers. We can help declutter closets, bedrooms, pantries, bathrooms, playrooms, offices, and garages. Closets and garages are areas that things tend to get stored and start to pile up. We will help clean and declutter those spaces so your home looks like it has been well maintained and the rooms and closets look bigger.

Storage units are also often a place where items get stored and tend to pile up. Mess to Less: Get Organized can help organize storage units making it easier to find what you’re looking for instead of wasting time going through boxes and knocking things over in the process. Less to Mess will go through items in the storage unit and sort out any broken or ruined items. We will sort items into designated piles: keep, donate. trash, or relocate. Mess to Less will then organize and label the items in appropriate containers and arrange them, making the containers easy to access.

Mess to Less: Get Organized offers organizing services for businesses. Whether it is making suggestions for your lobby or creating an organized and in order workspace, Mess to Less can help. We can help conquer problem areas that create stress by clearing it out, cleaning it out, and containing it, making your office go from a chaotic workplace to an enjoyable, productive, and organized workspace.

Mess to Less offers free consultations. We will come to you, home or business, and do a walk through of the spaces you would like organized/transformed. We will measure if necessary and talk about purchasing storage baskets and/or containers, or if you prefer to use what you already have on hand. We will assess your needs and goals and your main purpose for the space. When we come back we will have a goal and a plan and will start clearing out the space, change lighting if needed, and cleaning; moping, vacuuming, dusting and wiping down walls and shelves. We will then sort items into designated piles (keep, give away, relocate, or trash). We will provide appropriate baskets/storage containers if necessary. After the job is completed we will suggest simple techniques and systems to help you maintain the space.


Why I Started:


I am passionate about helping others feel encouraged and excited about their new organized space/spaces. It is truly a gift to have an eye for organization and making a space look clean and inviting.

As a problem-solver I will help clients strategies, plan and implement systems to make spaces efficient and create spaces that bring joy and happiness. With priorities in mind, we will work together to make your space attractive, efficient, and organized!

Lastly, I love physical work and love getting to know people, their stories, their likes and dislikes.The event set up/clean up is so much fun because I get the best of both worlds; working hard by taking stress of clients so they can focus on planning a success event and meeting people.