What We Offer

Thinking about planning a party, get together, or seminar and need someone to set-up and clean up? Or need help organizing, purging, decluttering, cleaning, or tidying up? Mess to Less: Get Organized can help!

Mess to Less: Get Organized, is an organizing company that specializes in increasing quality of life, stress reduction and enhancing empowerment by decluttering and organizing homes and businesses to create a more functional environment. Mess to Less: Get Organized offers both residential and business organizing services along with event set-up and clean up. Our organizing services are tailored to create a less chaotic space with the goal to create systems that an individual/family and business can maintain after the job is done.


In Home Organizing


Feeling overwhelmed with clutter and do not know where to start? Mess to Less; Get Organized can help you feel in-control by working with you to purge, declutter, and organize your home spaces. Mess to Less will assess the area after cleaning everything out and then utilize storage containers to create a more functional area. Mess to Less can tackle kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, closets, play rooms, offices, kids rooms, guest rooms, and garages.

Having an organized home can truly make life easier. We will label containers saving you and your family time looking for things. Having labeled containers will make life easier and your kids will know where items go without you having to remind them a hundred times. Mess to Less will work with you to designate a place for commonly used items and give them a distinct home that will help the whole family to use and remember.


Downsizing or Moving Organizing


Thinking about selling or wanting to spruce up your home, Mess to Less: Get Organized offers cleaning and decluttering services that will give your home a larger, more appealing look. We can help purge and declutter closets, bedrooms, pantries, bathrooms, offices, and playrooms.

Whether you are moving from one state to another, or downsizing, Less to Mess: Get Organized will help declutter and purge, unpack or pack, and focus on making your space more functional. If you are selling, we will organize and tidy up areas that tend to gather things no one wants to deal with. Mess to Less will help sellers clean and declutter those spaces so areas look like they have been well maintained and rooms and closets look bigger and appealing to buyers.

Storage Units


Storage units are often a place where items get stored and tend to pile up. Storage units are sometimes a place where we place stuff that we “might” have a use for later or a place where people store boxes of items from a move. Less to Mess will go through items in the storage unit and sort out any broken and ruined items. We will sort into designated piles; keep, donate. trash, or relocate. Mess to Less will then organize and label the items in appropriate containers and arrange them, making the containers easy to access.


Business/Office Organization Services


Mess to Less: Get Organized offers organizing services for businesses. Mess to Less will suggest solutions to unused or underused spaces. Mess to Less will help with decorating, cleaning, and decluttering rooms (waiting rooms, conference rooms, lobbies, offices, front offices, employee work rooms, and more). Mess to Less can help your business get organized by filing and scanning paperwork and clearing out spaces that need to be utilized for business meetings or making room for new employees. An organized business will simply function better.



Locations We Service:


Mess to Less: Get Organized services Tulsa and surrounding areas including Jenks, Bixby, Skiatook, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Glenpool, and Bartlesville.




When you call Mess to Less; Get Organized we offer free consultations. We will come out to your home or business and do a walk through of the spaces you would like organized/transformed. We will measure if necessary and talk about purchasing storage baskets and/or containers, or if you prefer to use what you already have on hand. We will assess and develop your goals for organizing your space. When we come back we will have a goal and a plan and will start clearing out the space completely, change lighting if needed, and clean the area by vacuuming and wiping down shelves and walls. We will then start sorting items into designated piles (keep, give away, relocate, or trash). We will provide appropriate baskets and storage containers if necessary. After the job is completed we will suggest simple techniques and systems to help you maintain the space.


Gift Certificates


Mess to Less: Get Organized offers gift certificates for services. Gift certificates are a great idea for birthdays, newlyweds, holiday gifts, retirement, seniors, moms, house warming, and more. For more information or cost estimates please contact us by calling 918-694-7588.


Time will be allotted for purchasing organizing supplies.

Services Offered:


Organizing, Decluttering, and Cleaning:






Play Rooms


Conference Rooms

Business Offices

Kids Bedrooms


Guest Rooms

Laundry Rooms

Game Rooms



Business Lobbies


Storage Units

Event Set Up/Clean Up:


Birthday Parties



Outdoor Get Togethers


Christmas Parties

Office Parties

Graduation Celebrations

Retirement Parties

Baby Showers

Private Parties