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Main office is in Skiatook, Oklahoma with organizing and event set up and clean up services in Tulsa, OKlahoma and surrounding areas.

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Contact us at Mess to Less: Get Organized by phone or email. Our phone number is (918)694-7588. We are open Monday through Friday 9-6 and Saturday 10-5, so give us a call and we will schedule a free consultation.

Mess to Less: Get Organized services Tulsa and surrounding areas including:

Sand Springs
Broken Arrow

Who We Are:

Mess to Less: Get Organized is an organizing company that specializes in increasing quality of life, stress reduction and enhanced empowerment by decluttering and organizing homes and businesses to create a more functional environment. Mess to Less: Get Organized offers both residential and business organizing services along with event set up and clean up. Our event set up and clean up is available for those planning parties, seminars, weddings, outdoor get togethers, and more.


What We Do:

Mess to Less: Get Organized helps you purge, sort, and organize problem areas in your home or business. We take your mess and turn it into less! In addition to organizing and conquering clutter we also offer event set up and clean up services for all types of celebrations and parties.


Home Services:

Mess to Less: Get Organized offers organizing and decluttering services for individuals, families, seniors, and businesses. Mess to Less Mess will tackle problem areas and create systems to overcome everyday chaos and stress. Mess to Less will inspire you to want to organize and declutter every room in your home. It’s time to call Mess to Less: Get organized and tackle those messes!

When you call Mess to Less: Get Organized we will help you make decisions on what to keep, give away, trash, relocate, or donate. We will help establish systems and routines so you can maintain your organized space. Mess to Less can organize every room in your home (kitchens, closets, bedrooms, offices, playroms, bathrooms, and garages). Mess to Less also provides shopping services to pick out containers that will help you maintain the systems we create.


Moving and Downsizing

Thinking about selling your home and feeling overwhelmed by all the mess? Mess to Less: Get Organized offers organizing and decluttering services for those thinking about selling their home. Mess to Less will declutter, clean, and organize your home giving your home a larger and more appealing look to buyers.

Mess to Less: Get Organized offers services for those downsizing. Whether it be moving into a retirement home for seniors, apartment, or a smaller house; we can help! Mess to Less will work with you and/or your loved ones making the transition process calmer. We will work with the individuals and family members in a respectful way and come up with a solution to keep the stuff that is important to them.


Packing and Unpacking

Feeling stressed out about moving or overwhelmed trying to find time to unpack from moving? Mess to Less will save you time by helping unpack or pack those moving boxes so you can spend time with your family or go to work knowing you don’t have to come home to a bunch of boxes that need to be unpack/packed.


Storage Units

Storage units are often a place where items get stored from downsizing, moving, or a place to store things that you “might” use for later. Less to Mess will go through items in the storage unit and sort out any broken and ruined items. We will sort into designated piles; keep, donate. trash, or relocate. Mess to Less will then organize and label the items in appropriate containers and arrange them, making the containers easy to access.


Business and Offices

Mess to Less: Get Organized will help your business and/or office get organized by creating solutions for problem areas. Mess to Less will create systems to increase workflow and productivity. Creating systems that increase productivity will also save your company time and money.


Event Setup and Cleanup

Our event set-up and cleanup services are available for those planning seminars, private parties, weddings, birthday parties, family get togethers, and outdoor events. Mess to Less: Get Organized will take the worry and stress out of your planning by taking care of setting up for the event so you can focus on making your event a success. If you are having an outdoor party we can get ready for your guests by setting up tables and chairs, rearranging furniture, and setting out decorations. When the event is over we will breakdown tables and chairs, clean the area, gather trash, and restore the area back to its original condition. We will walk through the area with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.


Why I Started:

I am passionate about helping others feel encouraged and excited about their new organized space. The home should be an enjoyable place that brings happiness away from the outside world.

I know how frustrating it can be to pull into your garage and the car door will barely open or you can’t pull your car into the garage because the space is cluttered, or you are constantly looking for your keys, a hammer, blankets, or your favorite shirt. We waste several dollars a year buying items that were misplaced or placed in a junk drawer. Not to mention all the time we waste looking for lost or misplaced items.

As a problem-solver I will help clients strategies, plan and implement systems to make spaces efficient and create spaces that bring joy and happiness. With priorities in mind, I will make your space attractive, efficient, and organized!



Getting started is often the hardest part. We offer free consultations so give Mess to Less: Get Organized a call! We will do a walk through of your home or business and determine the problem areas. We will assess your needs and goals and then develop a strategy for moving forward.

Call us today at (918)694-7588 or email us at [email protected]